My Story

When I was born my parents were gifted two rose bushes, Black Velvet and Fragrant Cloud varieties. So they named me Lara Rose; 37 years on and they still blossom stronger than ever in my family's farm garden. Each spring my mum picks and gives me their first bloom of the season.

Lara means ‘famous’ in Latin. When I married Jeremy, my Mr Perfect I inherited the dutch surname Bos which means forest in English.  So my name translates as ‘famous rose forest’ , which as an obsessed floral artist I think is pretty cool. I’m not famous though… well at least not yet….haha…no it would suck to be famous. 

I have always been connected to the botanical world. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of playing in my fairy garden, which was a lovely rock crevice amongst my mum’s abundantly wild violet patch. It had a tiny cave in the rock, I used to pick and place violet seed heads in the cave and then tell my friends they were fairy eggs. I also remember cooking up big vats of ‘perfume’. This consisted of handfuls of calendula, love in the mist rose and borage petals, tossed in an old saucepan of water with a healthy dash of vanilla essence and lots of stirring. It would then be left to get putrid in the hot sun.

I always wanted to be a florist but for some reason I had made up my mind that this wasn’t doing enough to change the world, that it was somehow a shallow pastime that just involved the murder of plants. So instead I studied art then horticulture, and I travelled the world going to music festivals.  As if that changed anything! Somehow though, in a round about way, all these roads have led me back to my absolute passion. FLOWERS.

Since coming home to live on my family’s ornamental tree farm, over the last eight years my connection to plants and the seasons has grown more deeply.  Below freezing winters bring everything back to its infinite skeletal core, then the life giving, bee buzzing, bursting with joy, glorious spring arrives which in turn continues to ripen things through into summer. Then you find yourself in autumn, where the harvest is rich, the flowers are turning into seed pods and the deciduous trees are making rainbows with their leaves. Nature always has something to show off.

As well as plants I also adore connecting with humans.  By combining love, people, botanics and parties a.k.a “Weddings” I have found my thing. I live and breathe for this shit. I may be a slightly crazy chick full of passion and anxiety but I am genuinely obsessed with making your wedding day the most meaningful experience and prettiest thing you have ever laid eyes on. The moral of this story is that flowers and my role as a weaver of their beauty does matter. Especially on your wedding day. Floristry does bring good change to the world, in a form of JOY and this is fundamental.

Choosing me to be your flower girl means you will get an intimate, luxury experience that is not just flowers but ephemeral creations full of love that reflect you and the season.

Although the flowers will fade, the feelings and memories will last a lifetime